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Keccak 1024

first post: steppenwolfe_2000 wrote: Hi, Docs would seem to indicate 1024 bit capable implementation vi...

Keccak implementation

first post: mafutrct wrote: Hello, does this Keccak implementation include the changes by NIS...

latest post: mafutrct wrote: Great, thanks!

Skein not using version 1.3 constants?

first post: dsparksColossus wrote: I thought the constant XOR value for finding the last key word for ...

latest post: tomanu wrote: I have update Skein and all others round 3 candidates


first post: inTagger wrote: Could you plz support Portable Class Library with the NuGet package?

where is the documentation ???

first post: dxjo wrote: please can you provide a documentation for the library ????

latest post: bepenfriends wrote: HI Team, Having atleast a minimal Documentation would help us to i...

HMAC String return incorrect hash

first post: adamins wrote: Hi, First, i want to thanks you for this great hash lib. It conta...

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